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  Roof shingles are a very common roofing material that consists of individual, overlapping objects. They can be made of many different materials including asphalt, wood, slate, and plastic. Being a highly visible part of any home, the esthetics of shingles is important, which is why they come in a wide variety of patterns, colors…(Read More)

When looking to save money on home improvement projects, DIY is always an option to be considered. Homeowners can tackle these projects either partially or completely on their own. This begs the question, is DIY solar panel installation a viable way to save money? Installing a solar panel system can be very beneficial from a…(Read More)

Uninsulated and leaky attic entrances are one of the most common insulation problems in most homes. Many homeowners attempt to fix this problem by surrounding the attic door with insulation. Unfortunately, they are not creating an airtight seal by doing this. This technique also creates harmful airborne particles of dust and fiberglass every time the…(Read More)

   In most of the US, there is less sunlight and more wind in the winter. The opposite is true for the summer months with more sunlight and less wind. Likewise, the peak operating times throughout the day for wind and solar generation is different. Combining a wind power system and a photovoltaic system can…(Read More)

Many homeowners have found vinyl siding to be a low-cost option when it comes to siding. Vinyl has gained increased popularity through the years due to its durability and sustainability. It can add beauty to the outside of your home and requires minimal maintenance. But even the best vinyl siding can be made better…(Read More)

  So you’ve decided to install an HVAC system in your home. One of the main considerations behind this decision is always related to cost. After all, an HVAC system can be a hefty investment. HVAC System Cost The first factor that comes into play is the quality of the system. Generally speaking, the…(Read More)

  Insulated windows are not the only way to improve your energy bill. You can combat air leaks by using a window seal. Sealing a window has several benefits, and it is especially important to seal any leaks to help prevent damage to your HVAC system. Not only will you be able to save money…(Read More)

HVAC stands for “heating, ventilating and air conditioning”. It represents the three main functions that are usually combined within one central system in many modern homes. This system generates and transports warm, cool or dehumidified air throughout the home, in a quiet and convenient manner. The Different Types of HVAC Systems There are several types…(Read More)

In 1839, a French physicist named Edmund Bequerel first noticed that some materialsproduce small amounts of electrical current when exposed to light. In 1905, Albert Einstein described the photovoltaic effect which is what modern solar technology is based on. The first photovoltaic panel was built in 1954 by Bell Laboratories. It was called a solar…(Read More)

        Choosing the right insulation materials and methods can greatly increase your ROI (return on investment). In this article, we’re going to cover the basic principles behind insulation. How Does it Work? To understand how insulation works, it’s best to understand how heat transfer works. Heat is transferred through three…(Read More)