There are many components and considerations that go into planning a home solar system. One element that takes a little extra thought is the solar battery. Batteries used in solar applications need to meet many demands, such as unstable grid energy, daily charging/discharging, and irregular full charging. With so many things to think about…(Read More)

  Most roof repair is done to prevent or fix a leak. Usually, the first sign of a leak shows up in your home as water stains but finding the source of that leak can be tricky.  Here are a few tips on finding and fixing those leaks. Finding the Leaks Before you can do…(Read More)

You can have air conditioner problems for many reasons, one of the most common being improper operation. The first thing to do is close your outside doors and windows during A/C operation. If you don’t close them, your unit will be overburdened and eventually get damaged. Good insulation is also important for a…(Read More)

  There is a total solar eclipse expected in the U.S. on August 21, 2017. It’s a pretty cool sight to behold. There are even eclipse chasers that travel around the world just to witness these heavenly wonders. However, your solar panels are only as good as the amount of sun shining. So…(Read More)

Energy efficient windows are one of the essentials when updating your home. Windows have improved over time in terms of thermal and solar performance. One of these improvements is the low-e glass coating. But what is this coating? Let’s find out. The Different Types of Light The solar energy spectrum can be divided…(Read More)

Radiant barrier insulation is a special type of insulation. While most insulation stops heated air from moving in or out of the home, radiant barriers reflect the radiant heat to keep it from entering the home. As sunlight hits the roof, tiles and other materials start to heat up. This heat is then radiated onto…(Read More)

  Solar energy is a becoming more and more popular as the renewable energy of choice.  Solar panels are beneficial in saving us money and helping to take care of our planet. But every person’s situation is different. So how do you know if home solar panels are a good choice for you? Here…(Read More)

Hiring the right roofing contractors can be a challenging task. Your roof is a large investment, so if you’ve never worked with a roofer before, it’s normal to be inquisitive about the hiring process. Here are some tips that will hopefully help in the process.    Insurance When contacting a roofing company, the first…(Read More)

Your HVAC can be a large and fairly complex system so when they break down, most of the time, there is no simple answer. Though there are certain problems which can be handled yourself, it’s usually best to call a professional. Calling in a Professional After you call a professional for your HVAC repair…(Read More)

Many families and businesses choose to take advantage of solar panels because they can save money on their electric bill. This is especially true in sunny states like Texas, California, and Arizona. But can you actually turn a profit with a solar power installation? Selling solar power back to the grid is not only a…(Read More)