Shopping for windows can be difficult. How do you choose what type of window to use in your home? Look at factors such as durability, energy efficiency, and cost. These can help to differentiate between double and triple pane windows. In this article, we’re going to compare a few of the differentiating factors…(Read More)

There are a number of variables that come into play when building your home solar system. One of those variables is the different types of solar panels that you can use. So, how do you know which are the best solar panels for your home? Let’s compare a few of the most common ones…(Read More)

  A leaky attic stair hatch is one of the biggest offenders of a home’s air loss. Sealing this opening and installing a good insulated cover can help reduce energy bills and increase your savings. There are many different prefabricated covers available for you to purchase, such as an Attic Tent.  However, If you…(Read More)

According to the Department of Energy, your home should be insulated from top to bottom. Proper insulation can help reduce your household energy costs and the strain on your HVAC. So, let’s take a look at the top of your home and the different attic insulation types. Where to Insulate Before insulating, make sure…(Read More)

Spray Polyurethane foam is a great way to seal cracks, small crevices or holes in your home. You can get small aerosol cans of spray foam sealant at most hardware stores. They are designed for the homeowner in mind and are easy to apply. For larger jobs, there are two component, low-pressure spray polyurethane…(Read More)

  Heating and cooling systems need routine maintenance in order to perform well over an extended period of time. This will lower the risk of an emergency repair during summer or winter when your system will be used most. It’s also worth noting that an HVAC system accounts for nearly two-thirds of the…(Read More)

  Reducing carbon emissions in developing countries has been an ongoing concern for many people. Using renewable energy sources can help to reduce greenhouse gases and create a more environmentally healthy world. Environmental Impact The U.S. currently relies heavily on nonrenewable energy sources, such as coal and natural gas. These sources are finite resources…(Read More)

When replacing windows, many homeowners would like to avoid the extra cost of hiring a contractor. The good news is that window replacement can be done by the homeowner. You will need a level, a crowbar, a hammer and a screw gun. You will also need galvanized screws, foam insulation, felt paper, shims, window wrap…(Read More)

When considering the roofing of your home, metal is one option. It is an alternative to the most commonly used roofing material: asphalt.  In this article, we’re going to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of metal roofing. The Good When properly installed, a metal roof has a long…(Read More)

Back in 1937, the initial research on polyurethane polymers started in Germany. Researchers focused mostly on producing flexible fibers and foams. However, the product that we know today as polyurethane foam (PU foam) did not become available for commercial production until 1954. The production process for polyurethane foam usually involves adding small amounts of blowing…(Read More)