Is Your Attic Door Cover Adequate?

attic door cover

 Most of us don’t understand the importance and benefits of an attic door cover. However, it’s an important step if you want to decrease your utility bills. Most attic doors are uninsulated and have gaps around the perimeter of the door. This exposed entryway provides a route for the unconditioned air to escape the attic and can reduce the effectiveness of your existing insulation. Installing or upgrading your attic door cover can improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce the amount you are spending to heat or cool your home. So, what is an attic door cover and how do you know you have a good one?

What is an Attic Door Cover?

An attic door cover, also known as an attic tent, is an insulative barrier between the attic and your living space. It covers the entry to your attic to seal out unwanted outside air. By installing a cover, you will be able to stop hot, allergen-carrying air from coming into your home during the summer months. And in the winter months, it will keep freezing attic air out. With an attic door cover, your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard at maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

What Makes a Good Attic Door Cover?

A properly installed attic access cover will have an airtight seal and a similar R-value to your existing attic insulation. It will also be strong enough to withstand repeated opening and closing as you go in and out of your attic. You should treat your attic access like any other opening to the outdoors. If your front door had gaps and was drafty, you would seal that puppy up right away! The same goes for your attic access. Even a small ¼ inch gap around your attic door can possibly let in the same amount of air supplied by a typical bedroom heating duct. Wow! What a waste of energy!

The Different Types of Attic Door Covers

There are many different types of covers. Some are made from reflective bubble insulation and laminate, others are made of rigid foam insulation, with velcro straps, hinges, and zippers. With so many options,  it’s guaranteed that you can find a cover to fit your attic access, preference, and budget. There are brand-name covers available, such as the Attic Tent, Therma-Dome, Laddermate, Draft-Cap, or Attic Zipper.  Or, if you fancy yourself a DIYer, you can make your own.

Are You Interested in Buying an Attic Door Cover?

It doesn’t matter what type or brand of cover you decide on, or whether you or a professional installs it. The most important thing is to thoroughly seal the opening to make it airtight. Your savings will depend on your current energy costs and how airtight you get that attic door cover. If you would like to install an attic door cover or have questions, contact us and we’ll help you get started!

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