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Attic Insulation

Walk-In Attic Door Insulation

  Good insulation in your attic is imperative to a comfortable home. It can save you money on your energy bill and reduce the load on your HVAC system. Walk-in attic door insulation is an important part of your attic insulation. There are two things you can do to help create an energy efficient attic door, insulate and seal. Insulating One type of walk-in attic door insulation to use is rigid foam insulation board. You will use this on the attic side of the door. The first step is to measure your door. For outward swinging doors, measure the attic

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flood safety
solar panels

Flood Safety for Your Solar Panels

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on many homes and businesses. With so much wind, rain, and flooding, how do you ensure flood safety for your solar panels? Extreme Weather Some damage just can’t be prevented in extreme weather. If your roof is torn off by the wind or floods, there isn’t much you can do besides having insurance to cover the loss. However, you can make sure your insurance actually covers the costs to replace your solar panel system as well as your roof. Taking pictures and documenting your equipment can expedite the process. Keep Your Panels Attached In less

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Easy Roof Repair for Leaks

Most roof repair is done to prevent or fix a leak. Usually, the first sign of a leak shows up in your home as water stains but finding the source of that leak can be tricky.  Here are a few tips on finding and fixing those leaks. Finding the Leaks Before you can do any roof repair, you have to find the leak. The best way to find a leak is by going with a flashlight in the attic and checking for mold, black marks, or water stains. If you do not have an attic, or if access is restricted,

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Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

You can have air conditioner problems for many reasons, one of the most common being improper operation. The first thing to do is close your outside doors and windows during A/C operation. If you don’t close them, your unit will be overburdened and eventually get damaged. Good insulation is also important for a properly working air conditioner. Besides these two basic things, there are a few other common air conditioner problems that can potentially occur. Minor Issues The first steps you should take when you notice any air conditioner problems is to check the fuses and the circuit breakers. Start

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solar panels

Will the Solar Eclipse Impact Your Solar Panels?

There is a total solar eclipse expected in the U.S. on August 21, 2017. It’s a pretty cool sight to behold. There are even eclipse chasers that travel around the world just to witness these heavenly wonders. However, your solar panels are only as good as the amount of sun shining. So how will this awesome event affect your home’s solar power?  Total Solar Eclipse According to NASA, an eclipse is when one heavenly body moves into the shadow of another heavenly body. When the moon moves between the sun and earth during orbit, it blocks the sun from reaching

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This Is What You Need To Know About Low-E Glass Coatings

Energy efficient windows are one of the essentials when updating your home. Windows have improved over time in terms of thermal and solar performance. One of these improvements is the low-e glass coating. But what is this coating? Let’s find out. The Different Types of Light The solar energy spectrum can be divided into ultraviolet light, infrared light, and visible light. Ultraviolet is the light responsible for the fading which occurs on fabrics, walls, and other interior materials. As the name suggests, visible light is the light that we are able to see with our own eyes. Infrared light is

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Radiant Barrier

Common Questions About Radiant Barrier Insulation

  Radiant barrier insulation is a special type of insulation. While most insulation stops heated air from moving in or out of the home, radiant barriers reflect the radiant heat to keep it from entering the home. As sunlight hits the roof, tiles and other materials start to heat up. This heat is then radiated onto the insulation below them. This, of course, reduces the efficiency of the insulation, drives up energy bills, and puts pressure on your cooling system. A radiant barrier will reflect this heat outwards, protecting your insulation in the process. What is the R-value of a

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Things to Consider Before Getting Home Solar Panels

  Solar energy is a becoming more and more popular as the renewable energy of choice.  Solar panels are beneficial in saving us money and helping to take care of our planet. But every person’s situation is different. So how do you know if home solar panels are a good choice for you? Here are a few things to take into consideration when deciding whether to go solar. Home Energy Efficiency The first thing to consider before buying solar panels is whether or not your home is as energy efficient as it can be. Installing solar panels alone will not

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Tips for Hiring Roofing Contractors

Hiring the right roofing contractors can be a challenging task. Your roof is a large investment, so if you’ve never worked with a roofer before, it’s normal to be inquisitive about the hiring process. Here are some tips that will hopefully help in the process.    Insurance When contacting a roofing company, the first step is to ask if they have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. This may save you from being financially responsible if there is some sort of accident during the job. If possible, ask to see the policy and actually call the carrier to ensure that everything is

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A Few Things You Should Know About HVAC Repair

Your HVAC can be a large and fairly complex system so when they break down, most of the time, there is no simple answer. Though there are certain problems which can be handled yourself, it’s usually best to call a professional. Calling in a Professional After you call a professional for your HVAC repair, they will inspect your HVAC system and assess the problem. The inspection usually consists of either using a small remote camera to check the ducts and vents for damage or disassembling individual components of the system. If you’ve spotted the problem yourself, the inspection might still take

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