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Guide to Window Insulation

Window insulation can be approached in two ways: through the windows themselves and through window coverings. In this short guide, we’re going to offer an introduction to both of these methods and help you get a foundational knowledge of window insulation. Insulated windows are a powerful asset for every home, being useful in both cold and warm climates. In a warm climate, high-performance windows are particularly useful as the temperature climbs towards 100°F. Good windows help in keeping the inside temperature to a more comfortable level. U-factor The most effective insulating windows have a low U-factor, and a high R-value.

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HOA Restrictions on Solar Panels

Going solar requires a certain degree of planning. Consideration of HOA restrictions for solar panels is certainly a part of it. Once you’ve decided on the solar panels you’re going to use, the power output that you expect to have, your rebates, and financing options, you’re left to gain approval from your homeowner’s association.  Sometimes dealing with your HOA can be a headache. When it comes to solar panels, however, you have clear legal guidelines on what restrictions your HOA can place on your solar panel project in Texas. In fact, the law is on your side. According to House Bill

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Guide to Buying Solar Panels

The market is filled with so many options for solar panels.  The purchasing process can be a little confusing with different shapes, sizes, outputs, prices, and qualities to choose from. Many consumers find themselves choosing between saving money or going for quality. The basic principle behind the decision is simple: maximize the electrical output and life expectancy of the solar panel, while minimizing the cost of installation. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the four most important factors to consider. Power Ratings and Efficiency Solar panels come with a data sheet which lists the specifications of the

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