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Is Your Attic Door Cover Adequate?

 Most of us don’t understand the importance and benefits of an attic door cover. However, it’s an important step if you want to decrease your utility bills. Most attic doors are uninsulated and have gaps around the perimeter of the door. This exposed entryway provides a route for the unconditioned air to escape the attic and can reduce the effectiveness of your existing insulation. Installing or upgrading your attic door cover can improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce the amount you are spending to heat or cool your home. So, what is an attic door cover and how do

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DIY: Attic Stair Insulation Cover

  A leaky attic stair hatch is one of the biggest offenders of a home’s air loss. Sealing this opening and installing a good insulated cover can help reduce energy bills and increase your savings. There are many different prefabricated covers available for you to purchase, such as an Attic Tent.  However, If you don’t want to spend money on an Attic Tent or have an unusual access, here is a simple DIY attic stair insulation cover that might help. Materials The materials you will need in order to build the attic stair cover include: 2-inch thick foil-covered foam boards

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