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Energy Efficiency

New High Efficiency Solar Panel

LG recently revealed their newest high efficiency solar panel, the NeON R. With an increase in performance and a more seamless design, it could be the answer to your energy efficiency challenges. Improved Design Will Improve Performance The NeOn R has the highest wind and snow load ratings so far in the industry. Front load ratings are up to 6000 Pa and up to 5400 Pa for the rear load. Pa is the unit of measurement for pressure. If you convert that to layman terms, that equals to about 125 pounds per square foot for a front load and a wind

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Energy Efficiency

A Home Energy Audit Can Help Increase Savings

Installing solar panels is a good way to save money on your energy bill. When planning for solar panels, make sure your home’s envelope is in good condition. The windows, doors, walls, roof, and foundation of your home make up the building envelope. A proper building envelope can increase your savings and the energy efficiency of your home. How can you find out if the envelope of your home needs improvement? A home energy audit is just the thing to do it! Your Building Envelope Your building envelope protects the interior of your home from the outdoor environment and helps

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Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Systems

   In most of the US, there is less sunlight and more wind in the winter. The opposite is true for the summer months with more sunlight and less wind. Likewise, the peak operating times throughout the day for wind and solar generation is different. Combining a wind power system and a photovoltaic system can potentially expand the amount and the time periods of energy production. This is what makes hybrid power systems so appealing. Hybrid power systems combine two ways of generating electricity into a single system that creates a more continuously producing system. Added Sustainability Batteries and sometimes

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The Passive Solar Home

Passive solar home design minimizes energy use of a home by taking advantage of a variety of factors (location, materials used, climate etc.).  When it is well designed, the energy loads needed for heating and cooling are reduced. Those needs are met, either partly or entirely, by using solar energy. Site Selection Site location should be taken into account in order to maximize the energy efficiency of a home. When planning your home, you want the south side of the house to have a clear view of the sun. In some areas, zoning takes into account solar access. In these

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