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House Siding: An Important Choice to Make

First impressions are important. That goes for houses as well as people. In addition to the first thing people notice, exterior siding is your home’s first line of defense. If your siding is aging and not protecting your home well it may be time to upgrade. There are a few options to choose from when replacing your house siding. Vinyl Vinyl is a popular choice because it is one of the least expensive options of house siding. At around $4-$7 per square foot for vinyl, it is tough yet lightweight which makes it easy to handle and install. Vinyl could

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Your Guide to Vinyl Siding Insulation

Many homeowners have found vinyl siding to be a low-cost option when it comes to siding. Vinyl has gained increased popularity through the years due to its durability and sustainability. It can add beauty to the outside of your home and requires minimal maintenance. But even the best vinyl siding can be made better if it’s used in conjunction with siding insulation. Benefits of Siding Insulation About 25% of the exterior of the average home is made of wall studs. These can account for a significant amount of energy loss because they are poor insulators. Like a blanket, siding insulation protects the

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