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Create a Solar Home On a Budget

Everyone can benefit from turning their home into a solar home. Even people in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, places known for a lack of sunshine, can benefit from solar panels. It just takes one hour of midday summer sun to equal the amount of one year’s electricity demand in the U.S. Solar panels can be expensive so what can you do if you can’t afford to purchase solar panels? Here are a few options to help you in your quest for creating a solar home. Community Solar Community solar is also known as “shared solar”, “roofless solar”, or “solar

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The Renewable Energy Boom

  Reducing carbon emissions in developing countries has been an ongoing concern for many people. Using renewable energy sources can help to reduce greenhouse gases and create a more environmentally healthy world. Environmental Impact The U.S. currently relies heavily on nonrenewable energy sources, such as coal and natural gas. These sources are finite resources that took millions of years to form. Although they are still being created today, we are using them faster than nature can replenish them. Energy produced from these fossil fuels can create air pollution and cause damage to land, water, and other resources. When fossil fuel

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