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Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

You can have air conditioner problems for many reasons, one of the most common being improper operation. The first thing to do is close your outside doors and windows during A/C operation. If you don’t close them, your unit will be overburdened and eventually get damaged. Good insulation is also important for a properly working air conditioner. Besides these two basic things, there are a few other common air conditioner problems that can potentially occur.

Minor Issues

The first steps you should take when you notice any air conditioner problems is to check the fuses and the circuit breakers. Start by turning off the unit and letting it cool down for 5 minutes, then reset the breakers.

If your air compressor stops during a hot day, you may have to reset the high-pressure limit switch. It may have been tripped. Pressing the button in the compressor’s access panel should solve the problem.

Another minor issue would stem from drainage problems. This could occur when the humidity outside clogs the condensation drain. Also, make sure to always have clean filters on your AC unit, otherwise you run the risk of a premature compressor and fan failure.

Improper Usage/Maintenance

Air conditioner problems often spring from faulty installation, improper maintenance, and poor service procedures. Problems commonly resulting from faulty installation include leaky ducts and low airflow. If you can’t detect this on your own, you may have to call an A/C technician for repair.

Your air conditioner cools the air with a chemical called refrigerant. Often the manufacturer’s specifications are not followed during refrigerant charges (putting the correct amount of refrigerant gas in the system).  This is often the case when poorly qualified or unqualified technicians fail to perform the correct charging procedure. To avoid this problem, be sure to hire a technician that has professional knowledge and experience to maintain your system.

Refrigerant Leaks

When an air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it typically means one of two things: it was either undercharged or it has a leak. Adding refrigerant to a leaky air conditioner is not a solution. This is a temporary fix at best. Call a trained technician to assess the situation. If you happen to find a leak, your technician can fix it, charge the air conditioner with the correct amount of refrigerant, and then test the repair. Fixing any leaks should greatly improve your air conditioner’s effectiveness and performance.

Electric Control Failure

Oversized systems commonly have issues with the compressor and fan controls wearing out. This is because the air conditioner has to frequently turn off and on in order to maintain a balanced temperature. This issue can also stem from corroded terminals and wires. Ask your technician to do a check on the electrical systems of the unit.

Sensor Problems

A problem could stem from the thermostat sensor. The thermostat sensor works by measuring the temperature of the air which comes into contact with the evaporative coil. If the sensor is knocked out of place, the system can start behaving in unusual patterns. The good news is that this is a simple problem to solve. You can adjust the sensor back into the proper position by gently bending the wire that holds it in position. It should be close to the coil but not touching.

Still Need Help?

If you’ve looked at all of these but the problems persist, do not hesitate to call a professional and ask for a full system checkup. It might save you a lot of money in the long run.





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