The exterior of your home is vital. In addition to being one of the first things people notice about your home, it is also one of the first lines of defense against the weather. Aging siding not only becomes an eyesore, but it begins to allow the elements to slowly make their way into the depths of your home. The good news is that replacing your siding allows you to increase curb appeal, increase energy efficiency, and repair any hidden structural damage.

When replacing the siding on your home you may want to consider adding insulation to your exterior walls. Sometimes homes that were built when insulation was expensive and fuel was cheap lack any wall insulation at all. When the exterior siding is removed it becomes an excellent time to consider adding insulation to the wall cavities with blown in insulation. For homes that already have insulation but would like to add more, adding rigid foam insulation can help you greatly increaseyour R insulating value. (R values indicate the level of efficiency the insulation adds, and the higher the value the better).

Another useful addition to your siding project is the use of a moisture and wind barrier commonly known as housewrap. Housewrap helps in multiple ways, mostly helping to keep the wind and moisture out while still allowing your home to breathe. This option also is known to help prevent drafts in your home.

A quality siding job adds incredible beauty, value, and protection to the exterior of your home. Available in many colors and styles, be sure to have us come out for a free estimate to further explain the various options and styles of siding we offer.