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How Much Does a Solar Panel System Cost?

Solar means savings.

Thanks to improvements in manufacturing, technology, and financing, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to power your home via photovoltaic systems. In fact, solar energy is cheaper than traditional power in many markets across the country.

In Texas, a typical residential solar panel installation costs anywhere from $15,000 to $60,000 depending on the size of your home and its energy efficiency. If you are not taking advantage of energy efficiency technology (energy efficient windows, proper HVAC and ductwork installation, radiant barrier, and insulation or spray foam), your home is not consuming energy at an optimal level.

Inefficient homes consume anywhere from 30% to 60% more energy than their energy efficient counterparts. To replace the energy footprint of an inefficient home with only a solar panel array is not the most cost-effective solution. By first upgrading the home with the efficiency upgrades mentioned above, homeowners save thousands of dollars in reaching their renewable energy goals.

Solar Has Become Affordable for Everyone!

For most customers, the savings start on day one and increase over time. The best part? Our financing products include a $0 down payment option. That means you can switch your home over to clean, renewable solar energy today and pay nothing upfront. So no matter which option you decide is best for you, the result will be the same: clean energy for your home and more money in your pocket for the things you really care about.

Environmental Stewardship

Solar power is an abundant, reliable source of energy which avoids so many of the risks and detriments associated with traditional fossil fuels or atomic energy. Harnessing, delivering, and consuming the sun’s energy produces no carbon emissions and therefore does not contribute to climate change — a trend affecting food and water supply worldwide. For homeowners who choose to install solar panel systems, not only are you making a sound investment, you are also demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship, which is a means to a more sustainable future for your children and the future generations of your family.


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