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Flood Safety for Your Solar Panels

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Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on many homes and businesses. With so much wind, rain, and flooding, how do you ensure flood safety for your solar panels?

Extreme Weather

Some damage just can’t be prevented in extreme weather. If your roof is torn off by the wind or floods, there isn’t much you can do besides having insurance to cover the loss. However, you can make sure your insurance actually covers the costs to replace your solar panel system as well as your roof. Taking pictures and documenting your equipment can expedite the process.

Keep Your Panels Attached

In less extreme weather, you want to ensure your panels stay attached to your roof. Most manufacturers should do wind-force testing to make sure your panels can withstand high winds. There are also a few things you can do to add to the stability of your panels.

Position your panels so the wind can blow around them without putting added strain on the mounting system. The more places the panels are attached to your roof, the more secure your mounting system will be. Of course, there is no need to go overboard. One extra mounting rail should suffice. Check with your installer to find the best option for your roof and system.

A good roof is also essential for keeping your solar panels in place. Your roof is the foundation of your system and a good foundation is key. If the foundation is deteriorating, the stability of your panels will be affected. If your roof needs replacing, you may be able to use the federal tax credits for the panels and your new roof.

Flying Debris

Most solar panels are made to withstand high impact collisions from small objects. However, in extreme weather sometimes high impact collisions are caused by large objects such as tree branches. This is another instance where your insurance policy plays a part. Check to make sure your policy covers damage to your solar panels.

Post Storm Flood Safety

In the event that your house is flooded, do not try to operate any switches. There are a few different types of solar electric systems and each type has specific precautions. It’s best to just contact an electrician or solar technician to inspect everything before any repair or demolition takes place. Even if your system seems dry and continues to function, get it checked out.

With all the devastation and destruction, our hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Stay safe and good luck in your recovery efforts!



Photo by Sandid on Pixabay

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