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New High Efficiency Solar Panel

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LG recently revealed their newest high efficiency solar panel, the NeON R. With an increase in performance and a more seamless design, it could be the answer to your energy efficiency challenges.

Improved Design Will Improve Performance

The NeOn R has the highest wind and snow load ratings so far in the industry. Front load ratings are up to 6000 Pa and up to 5400 Pa for the rear load. Pa is the unit of measurement for pressure. If you convert that to layman terms, that equals to about 125 pounds per square foot for a front load and a wind speed of over 200 miles per hour for a rear load. To give you a reference point, Hurricane Harvey had registered wind speeds of about 132 mph.

In addition to high performance ratings, these high efficiency panels are built to have lasting performance throughout the years. Most solar cells are made out of silicon wafers. They have a coating of boron which reacts with the impurities of the silicon. This reaction decreases the solar panel’s efficiency in the first few hours or weeks of use and is known as light induced degradation or LID. LG’s new panels are manufactured with almost no boron which creates less LID. Less LID means slower degradation of your panel. Reduced degradation equals better performance for the life of your solar module.

Another benefit of these high efficiency solar panels is the sleeker design. The light absorption increases with electrodes attached to the back of the panel instead of the front. There is no visible wiring to get in the way of the panel soaking up the sun’s rays.

High Efficiency NeON R Could Save You Money

LG’s 60 cell panel configuration boasts a whopping 365 watts of power. On the other hand, the standard solar panel with the same number of cells gets an average of 290 watts. That’s an increase of about 20%.

These high efficiency panels maximize the use of the space they take up on your roof. This could help homeowners with the issue of limited roof space. With higher efficiency panels, you will need fewer panels to generate the same amount of power as standard panels. Fewer panels also mean less installation time which equates to a savings on labor costs.

Continuing Improvement in Solar Technology

Through the years renewable energy has continued to improve in design, performance, durability, and cost. There are so many options and improvements that it may now be affordable to put solar panels on your home. Stephen Hahm, vice president and head of LG Electronics USA’s Energy Solutions business said, “We’re eager to continue to make innovative products, delivering quality results for our customers.” There is no doubt that solar panels will continue to improve.

High efficiency solar panels may seem like they are more expensive but take a closer look. With improved durability, performance, and design, you may find them worth it in the long run. Especially if you can take advantage of available rebates and incentives.








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