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Home Depot and Sears both quoted me windows. Texas Energy Experts beat their price and did several things to my attic that those other two couldn’t do. The solar panels are producing even more that what they promised. I’m gonna buy more next year. I had a contractor steal from me before (took half the money and then ran after the first day), and these guys were the exact opposite. Every single person in or around my home was very respectful, courteous, thoughtful of my sleeping children, and very good at their job. I would recommend them to anyone.

Aleksandra D., Austin, TX

These guys have been the best contractors I’ve ever hired. Every step of the way they were informative, helpful, and really opened my eyes to a process I almost screwed up. So of course going solar is the right thing to do. Well, I almost financed a huge amount of solar panels. Then these guys came out and showed me that tweaking my home to make it more energy efficient first was gonna save me more money than just going totally solar. A few days after signing up they fixed a ton of stuff in my attic. The solar took some time to install, but was faster than the stories I heard from friends about other solar companies.

Darren C. Austin, TX

I live in South Texas. We had a bad hail storm two months ago. We were lucky and had no real damage, just a roof which started leaking. We called and someone came out right away. They said it could take a couple of months to get to us. They showed up about seven weeks later and they got to work right away. Turns out our roof was in worse shape than we thought. The customer service was fabulous! They called and emailed us to let us know what was happening. The roofing crew was outstanding! Since I know nothing about metal roofing, they were very nice and explained what they were doing. I believe they went above and beyond. I would recommend Texas Energy Experts to everyone!

Dorie M.

Texas Energy Experts did amazing things for my monthly electric bill! They were thorough, prompt and within our budget. I’m completely happy with the solar panels and roofing job we invested in and I’m thankful for the extra cash we have now. Give them a call, they’re great!

Ashley E.

This past June, I was talking to my neighbor about my sky high electricity bill and about how I suspected energy leaks throughout my house. He told me that he recently cut his electricity bill down significantly by fixing the same issue. Texas Energy Experts came out and did an energy audit throughout his home. They replaced his crappy windows and sealed the leaks in his attic with quality insulation. My neighbor seemed pretty happy. It was kind of strange because he had been fuming just like me a couple of months ago. I made a few phone calls, but the stark contrast in my neighbors demeanor was the defining factor that made me choose Texas Energy Experts. My wife was at home when the techs came out and did their work. She said they were very courteous and they cleaned up well after the job was done. I was impressed by what I saw when I came home from work that night. Fast forward 6 months and wow. My energy bills were dashed. Compared to last year, its like a different house! My wife had to remind me to leave this review because I’m so busy but these guys deserve it! Better late than never right? Anyway, if you want to save money for the long term on your electricity bill give Texas Energy Experts a call.

Jason S.

I submitted a review earlier today and used the wrong company name in error. Texas Energy Experts were the one’s that did the work on our home. I had forgotten that they had a name change from when we initially started the project. I apologize for the mistake but still maintain a 5 star rating for Texas Energy Experts. This is the only company anyone needs to talk to if you want a job done that is above excellence.. Don B. and his team are the EXPERTS.

Kenneth K.

I am totally pleased with the work that Texas Energy Experts did on my house. They did their job quickly but efficiently. Don’s company made my house look beautiful & feel comfortable with energy saving upgrades! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who’s looking to fix their house.

Katherine M.

I had several solar companies come out and only these guys could do the efficiency work, so I chose them. They were honest and hard working. They installed 56 solar panels on my roof. We’re ecstatic!

Carolyn F.

I couldn’t be more happier with this guys! They came out and explained to me how i could save money by just replacing my windows, which were very old single pane windows. I loved the windows that they offered me, and it didn’t take long to install! They also did some attic work because i didn’t have a lot of insulation, and my ducts needed to be resealed. I can already tell a huge difference in my energy bill and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to do so! I highly recommend Texas Energy Experts!

Andrew L.

Money was tight and extra $ was hard to come by. A friend told me about Texas Energy Experts. She told me that they have financing available to work with customers that need it. So I gave them a call and explained my situation. The helpful customer service rep that I spoke with got a technician out to my house that day. They showed me where the leaks were and told me about the necessary repairs. After being approved for financing, I got my new windows and Texas Energy Experts sealed all the energy leaks throughout my home. I never thought I could afford it, but Texas Energy Experts worked with me. If you want to save $$$ and you need some help doing it, try Texas Energy Experts because they rock!!!!

Clark P.